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A Career That Matters

The Opportunity

In a world where people struggle to feel confident in their financial future, we see an amazing opportunity to produce confidence. Forsythe Findley Wealth Advisors is on a mission to to make a positive impact on our clients lives, on our team members lives, and in our community. This is what drives us! We have opportunities in our St. Louis and Kansas City locations. 

Who You Are

People know they can count on you to do what you say, and you often find people coming to you for insight and help. People know they can trust you. You’re looking for the opportunity to prove that you’re a top performer while also being a team contributor. You are looking for an opportunity to be a part of something special, that has meaning both for your clients and for you personally. At this time in our lives, success is defined by each of us in a very different way. Let us help you achieve your success.

Who We Are 

You’ll be working with a diverse team with uniquely competitive capabilities. Our commitment to value, respect, and access to opportunities for all members of our team lets you succeed in your objectives. Our Team is thoughtful, driven to impact others, respectful, motivating, collaborative, empowering and inclusive.

Our Team has a growth mindset, believes in personal development and training is a key focus.

Who We Can Be Together

Success is seldom a solo act. Rather, success requires a team and a community. In a world where people struggle to feel confident in their financial future, we see an opportunity to produce confidence. If you have a passion for life, a desire to work collaboratively, and want to make a significant difference in people’s lives, then a career at Forsythe Findley Wealth Advisors could be the right fit. 

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